Lollo Monocultivar EVOO’s Trio


Lollo Extra Virgin Olive Oil Capsule, featuring five exceptional selections of extra virgin olive oils: Organic Extra Virgin, Nocellara del Belice Monocultivar, Biancolilla Monocultivar, Coratina Monocultivar and Peranzana Monocultivar.

Lollo is our latest expression of monocultivar fresh extra virgin olive oils, beautifully balanced and incorporating all the elements of quality, balance and harmony into beautiful bottles. Each olive cultivar has its own unique flavour profile and character, and these bottles display the equilibrium of the characteristics in the most authentic, balanced and harmonious way. Each bottle evokes flavours of fresh fruits, healthy bitterness, vegetal notes and a warming spicy finish, exemplifying quality. Included in this Lollo line is an Organic extra virgin, which is particularly significant. It truly showcases dedication the art, craft, and mastery of creation. Claudio has dedicated his life to the olive industry, and the result of this oil is truly a dream becoming reality.


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