Coratina Monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Well known as one of the most healthful Italian olives. This Lollo – Coratina is from Puglia and is vibrant and full of character. The naturally high monounsaturated fat content, combined with a low rate of oxidation and high antioxidant content makes this oil incredibly healthful.

Often this olive oil is used as a blending oil, and finding one so fine as a monocultivar is a true delicacy and shares a delicate balance of flavours, each intense and present as they work together to create a full experience of harmony in the mouth. Expertly extracted with intentionality and foresight, this monocultivar Coratina is vegetal and grassy with the aroma of olive leaf, fresh grass, and hints of granny smith apple peel. In the it presents as artichoke, endive, chicory, unripe almonds, and green tea. The finish is lingering in a truly harmonious way, with bright notes of thistle and green chili, leaving the mouth feeling clean. This oil is robust and it is well balanced with the intensity of the aroma matching the bold full-mouth flavours and engulfing the senses.

It is a perfect pairing with rich bold sauces, whether a drizzle over arrabbiata or­ caponata. Delightfully mixed with fresh herbs into a chimichurri to serve with grilled steak, or a gremolata served with roasted chicken and potatoes, or simply poured over a radicchio and fennel salad served with blue cheese and toasted walnuts. This Coratina will not disappoint and will be a delight to all who enjoy the freshness of bold full flavoured extra virgin olive oils.



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