Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Certified, Vegan, Finishing oil


Created through the utmost dedication and talent, this organic Nocellara del Belice extra virgin olive oil is from the hills of Western Sicily. The essence of this oil is the true olive, authentic olive juice. Claudio, our founder, Oleologist  and Master Miller has fully dedicated his life to the olive, and this oil exemplifies his dream becoming a reality, and his love, dedication, and passion for this storied and humble fruit, poured into a bottle.

Brilliantly green and vibrant in colour as well as aromatics this example is truly versatile and a delight on the palate. Well balanced notes of tomato permeate throughout the oil, from aroma to its bright spicy finish. Within the aroma, tomato leaf, lemon thyme, oregano and rosemary fill the senses. The flavour has a hearty center of radicchio and dandelion greens pulling towards a spicy red chilli finish that lingers throughout the mouth. This offers a persistence flavour that is balanced and continues to showcase tasting notes the longer it sits on the palate. A stunning balance of harmony through the connection of flavour.

This oil is the perfect addition to bruschetta, tapenade, and muffuletta olive salad. Delicious over baked feta or used with confit tomatoes and grilled vegetables. Drizzle over grilled salmon or halibut or a simple seafood pasta. This oil will not disappoint when enjoyed with cioppino.



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