“Novello” Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Novello– meaning new oil – is a limited edition and produced in extremely small quantities, where we intentionally sacrifice volume for quality. Made exclusively with early harvest Ogliarola Barese olives in Central Puglia. Intentionally chosen for their quality, harvested in September the olives are milled less than 8 hours from picking in a continuous cold extraction.

The results are a well-balanced, high-antioxidant oil, with a complex herbaceous mouth feel, perfect for harvest dishes. Drizzle over cod en papillote with a squeeze of lemon, or as a finish over seafood pasta. Perfect to accompany a crudité platter, with whipped ricotta and focaccia, or carpaccio with parmesan and arugula.

Intense bold notes of fresh artichoke, blanched almonds and a lingering warm green peppercorn finish.

Please store the bottle in the box provided, as excessive light will cause olive oil to spoil.


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