Sicilian Lollo Monocultivar EVOO’s Duo


Indulge in the distinct flavors and exceptional quality of our Sicilian Monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oils Set.

The Nocellara del Belice, a cherished olive cultivar in Western Sicily, is handpicked during the last two weeks of October from south-facing groves in Partanna and Campobello di Mazara. Grown at an elevation of over 200m, the trees endure the stress of mountainous terrain and bask in the southern sun, resulting in a high-quality oil with remarkable character. This intensely fruit-forward oil boasts a prominent tomato aroma and flavor, complemented by notes of fresh tomato leaf, grass, green apple, fennel, and thyme. Its lingering finish of cinnamon and red chili adds a harmonious balance, making it a perfect accompaniment to tomato dishes, such as Caprese salad, panzanella, and Pomodoro pasta. Surprisingly delightful with eggs, this oil enhances the flavors of scrambled, fried, quiche, or frittata preparations.

On the other hand, our Lollo – Biancolilla monocultivar extra virgin olive oil is a bold and beautiful creation. While Biancolilla is a typical cultivar of Western Sicily, this particular example is far from ordinary. Sourced from groves in Ribera and Calatabellotta, situated over 150m above sea level, the olives are carefully handpicked during the first two weeks of October. This early harvest oil exudes a delicate yet full array of floral, fruity, and vegetal notes, providing a fully harmonious experience. With its green fruit-forward profile, the aromas showcase fresh artichoke, red tomato, and green almond, accompanied by hints of fresh herbs and grass. The flavor mirrors the aroma, featuring creamy artichoke, ripe almond, escarole, and watercress, culminating in a satisfying black peppercorn finish. This exquisite oil is perfect for enhancing the flavors of gazpacho, salmorejo, vegetable-focused soups like minestrone, or paired with roasted asparagus, grilled peppers, and fresh ricotta on toast. Its elegance shines when drizzled over beef carpaccio, creating a stunning extra virgin experience.


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